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Properties OPEN in Colorado City!

Almost 30 Trust Properties in the City of Colorado City are LIVE NOW for bidding!

Once the first bid is placed on a property, it will stay open for 25 days. Once the bidding closes, the highest bidder will be notified about next steps in the process. You may place a bid for any amount over the minimum of $50.00.

Should you win the bid, please be advised that each taxing entity in Mitchell County will need to accept and approve your bid for the property to be deeded to you. Please note: The participating governmental entities reserve the right to reject or accept any and/or all bids for any reason.

DISCLAIMER: Please satisfy yourself as to the validity of the legal description, the physical address, actual boundaries, and any easements or covenants tied to the property. The property addresses and pictures are provided for your information in determining the location of the property, but may not accurately describe or depict the property actually to be conveyed. The address and photo of the property are provided to help you reach your decision to bid on the property and is not binding on any sale. Pictures may depict property which is not included in the purchase.  You are in fact purchasing the property identified by the legal description only. The property you may purchase is sold “as is, where is, and without warranty, express or implied, as to the condition of the property, title, or use to which the property may be put and restricted to the property described in the legal description obtained by the entities through foreclosure.”

Madison Clinkscales

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