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The Quitaque community has demonstrated once again why the old Quitaque bumper sticker “Small in size, Big in pride” is so appropriate.  Individuals, families, businesses and organizations have engaged that community pride by providing the funds to demolish and clear off a long standing eye sore.

The City of Quitaque contracted with Jim Messer Trucking to demolish, clear and groom the lot – a job well done.  This property has been the subject of concern for many years.  Well, it’s done thanks to the following generous folks:

          We the Women    

          Jim and Barbara Saul

          First National Bank

          Walter and Kathy Taylor

          Chris and Sandy Tucker

          Warren and Maria Merrell

          Roland and Donna Hamilton

          Phil & Lynnette Barefield

          Renee Dudley

          Ann Chadwick

          Jacqualyn Ham

          The City of Quitaque Demolition Project Fund

This community support will allow the City of Quitaque to continue the Demolition Project which will make our town attractive and safe.  If you like this project, please consider supporting it with your positive comments and financial support.

Caden Liles

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