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A bid will NOT be accepted if the bidder or the designated purchaser by the bidder….

bid1• owes delinquent taxes on other property in the county

• owes an unpaid fine or fee to the municipality and/or county where the property is located.

• owns other property in the municipality/county that is subject to existing penalties for codes enforcement.

• A bid may be denied if the amount of the bid is deemed an insufficient dollar amount.

• A bid may also be denied if the information submitted does not properly identify the bidder or purchaser.

The participating governmental entities reserve the right to reject or accept any and/or all bids for any reason.


The minimum bid is listed on each property. The current value is listed for your information, but that is NOT a “minimum” bid. You can bid an amount above the minimum you feel the property is worth to you. Just be prepared to pay that figure should your bid be accepted.


Please satisfy yourself as to the validity of the legal description, the physical address, actual boundaries, and any easements or covenants tied to the property. The local appraisal district has maps and plats, in addition to legal descriptions and physical location information which is open to the public. The county clerk’s office has all deed information, and again, these records are open to the public. You may also want to seek legal counsel on your behalf, if you so choose.bid3

  • The property addresses and pictures are provided for your information in determining the location of the property, but may not be what is actually conveyed by the legal description. The address and photo of the property are to help you reach your decision to bid on the property and is not binding of any sale. The pictures may contain property which is not included in the purchase.
  • All properties are subject to local zoning and ordinance requirements. Please check with the local governmental entities to determine zoning and ordinance requirements each property may be subject.

The property you purchase is sold “as is, where is, and without warranty, express or implied, as to the condition of the property, title, or use to which the property may be put and restricted to the property described in the legal description obtained by the entities through foreclosure.”

  • Winning bidder will be notified via e-mail or by phone. Upon receipt of your payment, a tax resale deed will be prepared and mailed to all government entities. If all of the appropriate entities approve a bid, we will then send the deed to be recorded. The recorded deed will then be forwarded to the individual at the address that accompanied your successful bid.
  • Please identify all of the individuals or companies you want to be named as owner in your bid. That owner information will be used in the preparation of the deed. Once the deed is prepared and recorded, no further changes will be made on the part of the participating governmental entities.
  • Please make a separate bid for each property you wish to purchase.
  • Winning bidders are responsible for paying any current year taxes due on the property.

Should you have any questions before placing your bid please call 806-TEXASCG.

Must be 18 years or older to bid.

If you are a winner of a bid and fail to make payment, you may be banned from future bidding and your deposit will be forfeited.

When ready to bid please submit by clicking the green button.