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Vacant lot where NE Ave A and NE Ave C meet at the intersection of 12th St., Hamlin, TX 79520.

Property ID:  23589 Appraised Value: $1,500 Bidding Has Closed

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Being a lot, tract or parcel of land, laying and being situated in the LOW-HALL WHITELEY ADDITION to the Town of Hamlin, Jones County, Texas, and being described by metes and bounds as follows, to-wit:

BEGINNING at a point where Lot No. 5, Block 2 in said ADDITION intersects Farwell and North Avenues for the Southeast and Southwest corner of this tract; Thence North along the West line of North Avenue 551.2′ to a point for the Northeast corner of this tract; Thence West 149 feet to a point for the Northwest corner of this tract; Thence South 15′ East along the East line of Farwell Avenue to the place of beginning, containing 85/100 of an acre of land; being that property more particularly described in a Warranty Deed recorded in Volume 363, Page 125 in the Deed Records of Jones County, Texas.

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