732 E Vanderbilt St, Stamford, TX 79553, USA

Property ID:  14843 Appraised Value: $1,250

West One-half (W/2), Lot Eight (8), Block One Hundred Fifty-three (153), College Heights Addition, Town of Stamford, Jones County, Texas; being that property more particularly described in a Warranty Deed Recorded in Volume 611, Page 535 of the Official Records of Jones County, Texas (R14843)

PLEASE BE ADVISED the purchase of this property will be subject to the following terms:

SO LONG AS Purchaser completes the project presented to and approved by the City of Stamford, Texas on ___________, 20___ within 12 months of the recording date of this instrument. If the project is not so completed, title to the property may revert to the taxing entities and the taxing entities shall have the right to record a “Notice of Reverter” in the Real Property Records of Jones County.

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