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332 N 9th St, Jacksboro, TX 76458, USA

Property ID:  8846 Appraised Value: $25,860 Bidding Has Closed

Bids Received (12)

By agreeing to this purchase, you also agree to bring the property to meet city ordinance requirements and/or state minimum requirements for weeds, debris, and dilapidated structure within 6 months of the recording of your deed. Should you fail to meet those requirements, the sale is considered void and the property reverts automatically to the taxing entities in trust.
Lots Eleven (11) and the North Half (N/2) of Lot Twelve (12) in Block Nine (9) of the Lindsey Addition of the City of Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas as described in Volume 821, Page 848, Official Records of Jack County, Texas

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