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204 Ave K Anson, TX 79501

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A 0..258 acre tract of land known as Tract 1140-21, 70 feet by 140 feet out of the North side of the West one-half (W/2) of Section 2, Block No. 1, T & NO Ry Company Survey and a part of G.C. & S.F Ry Company Survey No 1, lying immediately North of Said Section No. 2, Block No. 2, T & NO Ry Company Lands in Jones County, Texas, and being the same property conveyed in Volume 156 Page 605 of the Deed Records of Jones County, Texas; such description being incorporated herein by reference.
SAVE AND EXCEPT, easement to Big Country Electric Coop, Inc., recorded in Volume 181 Page 102 of the Deed Records of Jones County, Texas.

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