1419 S 8th St, Paducah, TX 79248, USA

Property ID:  5431 Appraised Value: $10,860

Bids Received (8)
Bidding ends at date            02/12/2023 06:23 pm
Any bids placed after the time of property closing will not be valid even if Bid Now button is still available.

0.161 Acres

Being all of Lots One (1) and Two (2), in Block One Hundred Sixty-Three (163), Original Town of Paducah, Cottle County, Texas (R5431)

WHEREAS this conveyance is also subject to the following Fee Simple Determinable Condition:

By agreeing to this purchase, you also agree to bring the property to meet city ordinance requirements and/or state minimum requirements for weeds, debris, and dilapidated structure within 6 months of the recording of your deed. Should you fail to meet those requirements, the sale is considered void and the property reverts automatically to the taxing entities in trust.

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