1307 S 7th St, Paducah, TX 79248, USA

Property ID:  6278 Appraised Value: $1,500

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Bidding ends at date            02/12/2023 07:23 pm
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0.321 Acres

Being all of Lots Six (6), Seven (7), Eight (8) and Nine (9), in Block One Hundred Seventeen (117), in the Original Town of Paducah, Cottle County, Texas (R6278)

WHEREAS this conveyance is also subject to the following Fee Simple Determinable Condition:

Grantee will do everything necessary to both (1) bring the Property into compliance with all state and local codes, and (2) demolish the existing structure located on the Property and remove all debris, within six months of the execution date of this deed. An affidavit stating that the condition has been fulfilled filed within six months of said date, if not contradicted by a recorded statement filed within the same six months, is conclusive evidence that the condition has been satisfied, and Grantee and third parties may rely on it.

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