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1101 Webster St, Wichita Falls, TX 76306, USA Vacant lot located North of the SE corner of Davis St and Webster St, intersecting with Madison St

Property ID:  160777 Appraised Value: $250 Bidding Has Closed

Bids Received (7)

Property is in the 100-year flood plain. Needs built up 1 foot above the flood plain. Goes into roadway.

A triangular tract out of land described as Lot Eight (8), Block Thirteen (13), Original Townsite Wichita Falls, less that portion of Lot Eight (8) that is overlaid by Lot Seven (7), Block Eleven (11) of the North Park Addition to the City of Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas, commonly known as 1101 Webster and containing 1,542.02 square feet more or less; (R160777)

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